Sodium Hyaluronate Solution for the treatment of Intercystitial Cystitis

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HYACYST® is classified as a medical product that consists of highly purified natural hyaluronic Acid of non-animal origin in buffered physiological sodium chloride, having a pH of 7.1-7.3. Hyacyst® is a viscous solution consisting of a low molecular weight fraction and it is utilised as a sterile rinsing fluid with urothelial changes in the ureter, urinary bladder and the initial portion of the urethra.

HYACYST® has no pharmacological effect on the tissue after introduction. Its effect is based on physical properties.

For instance, it is known that urothelial inflammations lead to a loss of hyaluronic acid in the mucous membrane. A loss of hyaluronic acid in the vascular mucous membrane especially occurs with interstitial cystitis. (IC) The urothelium can be regenerated through the substitution of hyaluronic acid.


The Role of Sodium Hyaluronate in Interstitial Cystitis.

A Hypothesis is that there is a defect in the epithelial permeably barriers on the surface of bladder layer of interstitial cystitis patients.

It is believed that GAG layer has a role against the irritative components of urine (like carcinogens of microorganisms, cristals and other agents). Otherwise they can permeate to the more sensitive bladder layer.


What does HYACYST do?
HYACYST temporarily replaces the deficient GAG layer on the bladder wall, helping to relieve the pain, frequency and urgency of interstitial cystitis. Research has shown that HYACYST can provide relief from these distressing symptoms where other treatments have failed.


Intended Use

- Interstitial cystitis / Painful bladder syndrome

- Hemorrhagic cystitis

- Recurrent bacterial cystitis

- Radiation cystitis

- Chemotherapy induced Cystitis



50ml HYACYST in 50ml syringe contains 120 mg of sodium hyaluronate.