Sterıle Lubricant Gel With Lidocaine
(6ml / 11ml / 12.5g)

Lubragel is used lubricating for urinary system. Sterile lubricant gel with lidocaine is a sterile, water soluble gel used for lubricating of the urethral catheters and other medical devices during urethral catheterization, endoscopy and cystoscopy. Beside that it can be used for rectal and colonic applications as a lubricant gel.

Lubricating characteristic of the gel start to take effect at the same time of application. The onset of anaesthetic effect is 3-5 minutes. duration of anaesthesia is approximately 20-30 minutes.

How to Use Lubragel?

The decision about the size of lubragel sterile lubricant gel to be used is taken by the physician.

Remove the syringe or accordion tube (6ml/11ml/12,5g) from its sterile package.

Remove the cap from the end of syringe/accordion tube.

Apply a drop of gel to urethral opening to make initial insertion easier.

Insert the nozzle into the urethral opening and press the plunger of the syringe slowly to release the necessary amount of the gel.


Latex Free
Easy to Use



Anaesthetic and
Antiseptic Effect


Eliminates the risc of suction or damage to tissue.

Easy to prime syr,nge for precise and controlled aplication.

Syringe format is familiar to clinicians and to use.

The syringe/accordion tube enables distribution of the lubricating gel in a continuous even flow along the urethra.

Catalog No Content QTY / BOX
LG-L 006
6 ml
(25x6 ml/Box)
LG-L 011
11 ml
(25x11 ml/Box)
LG-L 12.5 g
12.5 g
(25x12.5 g/Box)